I am Sankaranarayanan (Sankar), a writer, speaker, and a designer, based out of Tamil Nadu, India. I run Myrel Communications, which is into providing editorial services; and Younomy, a management consulting firm.

I have authored two books, ‘The CoCreation Roadmap: Six Steps to Tap the Wisdom of Crowds’, and ‘Facebook, Twitter, and a Pair of Shoes’, in addition to ebooks on social media/business, innovation, change management, and productivity.

As a freelance writer, I work with many corporates and small business, creating company and product profiles, product writeups, whitepapers, case studies, and web content. I design layouts for books, brochures, newsletters, and websites with the support of a team of designers.

I speak at seminars and conferences on various management and innovation topics. I have a penchant for creating frameworks for ideation in work and life. I conduct workshops, training programmes, and offer consulting services based on my frameworks.

I am the founder-director of ‘Forum for CoCreation Excellence’, a not-for-profit organization promoting co-creation practices in organizations. I currently reside in my hometown, Rajapalayam, a municipality in south Tamil Nadu, with my wife and two kids. Running is my hobby.

About Sankaranarayanan

I am a writer based out of Tamil Nadu, India. I am an author of 'Facebook, Twitter, and a Pair of Shoes'. As a freelancer, I am blissfully ignorant of intellectual boundaries - I write on a wide range of subjects, from business to beauty. I speak at seminars; take up training and consulting assignments mostly based on my ideation frameworks . I design layouts for print (ads, brochure) and web.


6, Pugazhendhi Road, Cotton Market
Rajapalayam - 626117, Tamil Nadu, India

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