P6 Framework

P6 is a pioneering and comprehensive ideation framework that equips companies to get into social product development - in other words, developing products/services with customers using social platforms. P6 stands for the following six Ps:

"Engagement per X". Who do you want to engage? And why? Find the X. Get granular and define exactly who you want to engage with. And create an irresistible "engagement proposition" - a win-win for the engagement.

"I publish, therefore I am". A clear understanding of what you stand for, and what information needs of your customers you want to target is important. Treat your customers as “readers” or “audiences”, and segment them going by their information needs.

Social media is your social factory: Use it to better or co-create your product with “crowds”. Create appropriate crowdsourcing, co-creation, product configuration, community projects.

Choose/design/integrate social media platforms that support your marketing and innovation goals.

Promote your community. Businesses need to categorize participants, and offer right motivations. Give your fans and followers visibility, and monetary/non-monetary incentives.

Internally prepared. Set up teams, processes, governance & organizational structure, publishing guidelines, and reporting systems. Assign roles related to social media listening, engagement, analysis, content development, and measurement.

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