I author books on management, innovation, and productivity. A few of them are in print, and several others in ebook format.

Facebook, Twitter and a Pair of Shoes


I create ideation frameworks concerning management, innovation, and productivity. Following are some of my popular frameworks

3D Roadmap (Innovation)

Helps design a global innovation agenda for your organization.

CASH (Social Media)

Takes a long-term approach to social media and social business.

DANCE (Social Media)

Regarding the ways to use social media.

HELM (Innovation)

For innovators to zoom in and out of the entire spectrum of product design.

P6 (Social Media)

To create a social business roadmap

Social Funnel (Social Media)

On the social business agenda of a business.

Total Value Matrix (Innovation / Product Portfolio)

How to come up with a complete product portfolio for your business.

USE (Product Design)

A design framework for new prduct development.

About Sankaranarayanan

I am a writer based out of Tamil Nadu, India. I am the author of 'Facebook, Twitter, and a Pair of Shoes'. As a freelancer, I am blissfully ignorant of intellectual boundaries - I write on a wide range of subjects, from business to beauty. I speak at seminars; take up training and consulting assignments mostly based on my ideation frameworks. I design layouts for print materials and website.


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