Social Funnel Framework

The Social Funnel presents a ‘conversation-to-co-creation’ roadmap for companies to engage with customers. It supposes that a brand can get four levels of participation from its community of customers on social platforms. Following are the labels the framework gives for participants:

Followers are curious to know what a brand is up to. They would remain subscribed to a brand’s channels of communication: newsletters, feeds, social pages.

Evangelists are more than followers. They like what a brand does. Hence, they promote it. Evangelists amplify a brand’s reach by sharing it’s content. They create a positive word of mouth.

Disciples are converts. They would spend what it takes to complete a brand task. They would submit ideas for idea contests. Take time for surveys or polls. They review prototypes. Disciples add value.

Creators do what brands do. They configure, customize or co-create products or offer customer support - the jobs of companies. Creators create value.

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